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  • D'ackim Mastic Product

    D'ackim Mastic Product excellent quality furniture is one kind of original mixed cement products, specialized surface finishing for construction before using coating paint, to create a flat surface and smooth balls. Mastic D'ackim is used for concrete or plaster surfaces both outside and inside the industry building and civil engineering.

    Superior features of D'ackim Mastic Product:

    - High adhesion on any surface construction.

    - Polymer membrane on the surface can prevents waterproof capability.

    - Avoid the development of fungus, mold, cracks and reinforced concrete surfaces.

    - Easy-to-use components.

    - Fix price.

    - Easy to use, creating high cover, helping contractors and investors with an optimal economic solution for Buildings.

    Special: Help coating increases adhesion and not lose colors because of  high resistance.

     How to use:

            Surface preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry, not dust, grease, wax and other impurities. The large cracks on the surface of walls or ceilings must be filled thoroughly before applying. No need to wet the surface before plastering.

            The rate of mixed-construction: Mix one Mastic ONERQualitee with 16-18 liters of clean water. Flouring slowly to the water to avoid clumping. Use the knife plastic or metal tool to spread. Spread one layer with a thickness of standard then  layer 2 after 3-4 hours for each one layer. Minimum of 12 hours to discharge at a temperature of 270-300oC.

            Using within 3 hours.

     Technical specifications

       - Color: White

       - Size: less than 0.03mm

       - Adhesives: cement protland

       - Filler: mineral filler

       - Additives: specialpolymes

       - Area covered: 1-1.4kg/m2

       - Presentation: packed in 40kg using KPK3 layers.

       - Touch dry: 2 hours at a temperature of 30°C

       - Second layer: 4 hours after the first layer

       - Dry hard: one day at a temperature of 30°C.

    Important noteUsers are encouraged discover the latest technical information of the product before use. The information and guidance to the construction and usage have provided by LOI TUONG based on knowledge, experience, current products are stored properly, constructed and handled in accordance with the normal conditions.

    Customers require further reference, please contact our technical department.