Product Detail
  • SVR3L Rubber

    Our LOI TUONG company is one of the units with large area in the rubber industry,  located in the rubber-growing region, the center of the rubber in Southeast, from Ho Chi Minh City 150 km is very convenient in terms of traffic.

    Our company specializes in:

    √ Planting of rubber.

    √ Extraction and processing of rubber latex 

    √ Rubber trading

    Product Features SVR3L rubber:

                 SVR3L rubber is very common in processed rubber. Po parameters characteristic of rubber is high, very suitable for products that require elasticity, abrasion resistance and durability, such as automobile tires, straps, cable wires.


    √ Concentration of contaminants retained on the 45m sieve: <0.03% m / m

    √ Ash content: <0.50% m / m

    √ Nitrogen content: <0.60% m / m

    √ The volatile content: <0.80% m / m

    √ Early plasticity (Po):> 35

    √ Maintain the viscosity index (PRI):> 60

    √ Index Lovibond color, form: <6